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Business, Universities, Non Profits, Influencers, Churches, Charities and Foundations use Shop Simply

Business (for-profit)

Your brand is most important. Your customers never leave your shopping site which allows you to promote the things most important to your business.

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Students, Alumni and Staff shopping for everyday items on the School/ University shopping site allows awareness of the School/University and their worthy cause within the community and organization.

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Media/ Entertainment

Your brand is the most important. Shop Simply turns any website into a virtual shopping mall. The user never leaves your site allowing them to purchase millions of curated items that best represent the brands image.

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Members shopping for everyday items on the Non-Profit shopping site allows their brand to reinforce their vision, communicate current events and create more opportunity to recruit more volunteers.

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Social Influencer

Shop Simply turns any website into a shopping mall to allow the influencer’s fans and followers to shop directly on their website.

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