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Shop Simply, Inc. (SSI) is the result of technical advances by Alistair Black. While searching for solutions to biological modeling questions, he created a new virtual robot concept. Using patented (and Patent Pending) virtual robot technology, SSI allows online shoppers to purchase items from multiple retailers with one click from a single website.

This unique technology automates and enables the entire shopping and checkout process creating a new e-commerce model, which makes it easy for the user to navigate thousands of retailers and 10’s of millions of discrete items.

This aggregated robotic e-commerce technology is particularly interesting to large international brands that can drive traffic and keep customers on their own site while still allowing shoppers to access goods from unlimited well-known retailers.

Leadership Team

Dr. Alistair Black (Chairman and Co-founder)

Co-founder and CTO at Gadzoox Networks. Board member at netdrive.com.   Co-founded BDNA Corp. Angel investor at DataCore Software Corporation and Lightfish Inc.  Founder of Really Simple, Inc., an e-commerce platform with his patented technology to enable one-click shopping, pre-curser to Shop Simply. Stanford PhD and adjunct professor.

Steve Nadon (CEO)

Co-founder and COO at Nova Financial Services, Option One Mortgage Corp., and O2Funding.
Formerly Group President at H&R Block, President of MRN Cubed, LLC and Chief Strategy Officer at Plaza Home Mortgage.
Board member of  Mortgage Bankers Association and advocacy groups including NFHA, NAHREP and NCRC.

KP Hari (CIO)

Co-founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Speridian Technologies.
Formerly Vice President, Option One Mortgage Corporation; Director, online tax products at H&R Block; Senior mgmt at Nexgenix and Union Carbide.

Board of Directors

Christian Groenke (Board Member and Co-founder)

Co-founder of 64K Asset, Inc.; Formerly partner at Westerland Partners, LLC; Ran family real-estate business, Trigon-Invest, one of Germany’s largest privately held real estate developers.  Franchise owner of Burger King restaurants in Germany; Board member of The John Ernest Foundation. Stanford business school alumnus.

Eric Peus (Board Member and Co-founder)

Co-founder of 64K Asset, Inc. (“64K”), active investor in technology, oil and gas, and real estate.
Formerly Chairman and CEO of Waste Control Specialists, LLC.; Investment manager at Contran Corporation; Stanford alumnus.

Mark Ernst (Advisory Board Member)

Formerly Exec. Vice President of Fiserv; Deputy Commissioner of Operations for IRS; Chairman & CEO of H&R Block, Inc.
Senior management positions with American Express.


Shop Simply

Shop Simply, Inc.

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