Benefits of Using Shop Simply for Media & Entertainment Websites


Your brand is the most important. Shop Simply turns any website into a virtual shopping mall. The user never leaves your site allowing them to purchase millions of curated items that best represent your brand’s image.

Site Metrics

  • Uniques vs. unique visitors coming to the site monitoring growth
  • Time spent on site
  • Measuring of social media growth.


Over 10 million trusted name brand products making us 5th largest in the US. We reach those premium brands on a consistent basis as it relates to beauty, entertainment, fashion, home, jewelry, wellness and baby.


Choose from millions of items from thousands of brands and retailers that embody entertainment/media brand culture, spirit and identity. Your store can be custom tailored to meet those needs.

Social Media

Add shopping tags to your Instagram posts allowing your customers to purchase from your online store.


We will provide you with a dashboard that can be customized to drill down to region, county, and visitors. You will be able to see what money is generated in real time on your dashboard along with site metrics.

One-Click Checkout

Customers checkout directly from your website without ever leaving, regardless of the number of different retailers their items are purchased from.

Coupons & Rewards Points

Our robots crawl the web for coupons and rewards programs, ensuring your customers get the best deals during checkout. The best part: it’s done automatically.

Real Time Inventory

Your store’s inventory is constantly monitored so your customer is never deprived of making their desired purchases.

Start Selling Now!

You can easily generate significant revenue from your website. Let us show you how.

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