Benefits of Using Shop Simply for Education Websites


Students, Alumni, Boosters and Staff shopping for everyday items on the School/University shopping site allows awareness of the School/University and their worthy causes within both the community and organization.


Earn 3 to 4 times more than other programs offered. Why? Most offer only .5% of sale on selected items.


Returns and customer service are dealt directly with the retailer from which the items were purchased.


Select and sell only products and brands that reflect the values of your school or university.


Grow or re-engage your members with upcoming promotions, events and online shopping occasions.


Populate your product line from millions of curated items that enhance your customers’ experience.


Quickly analyze your store’s performance with custom reporting in real time on all items sold.

One-Click Checkout

Customers checkout directly from your website without ever leaving, regardless of the number of different retailers their items are purchased from.

Coupons & Rewards Points

Our robots crawl the web for coupons and rewards programs, ensuring your customers get the best deals during checkout. The best part: it’s done automatically.

Start Selling Now!

You can easily generate significant revenue from your website. Let us show you how.

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